SPECTR Integration

SPECTR Integration is your ideal IT partner for unlocking data or designing and developing entirely new data integration platforms. We develop and implement fast and effective integration solutions for medium to large enterprises.

We are ready to help you take the lead on all integration challenges and gain an edge in tomorrow’s digital world. We achieve this by following a strategy based on the principles of API First, Microservices First, Self-service and Cloud First.


Thanks to our unique approach, way of working and reusable assets, we have developed our SPECTR-Code, which allows companies to instantly build the digital world of tomorrow. Our IT professionals guide complex and innovative integration projects in four steps using SPECTR-Code. This has already led to an acceleration of their digital transformation and successful implementation of integration strategies at several midsized to (inter)national companies.

How we fix IT


Our valuable assets are designed and maintained by our IT professionals and are the foundation for your integration processes, platform and software code. We have an extensive range of service management, security and development frameworks, as well as architecture and documentation standards. In addition, we have data integration onboarding processes at our disposal, maturity assessment tooling, CI/CD libraries, reusable modules and elaborate integration patterns that we are constantly developing and updating.


Together we analyze how our resources can be valuable to your organization. We combine the resources available within our expertise and determine an ambition level with you. We then create concrete plans for modernizing your integrations to accelerate your digital transformation. We constantly evaluate where we are together to move to the next level!


With our assets you have an immediate start for developing your integration environment, processes, automations and integration patterns. Our assets are configured and refined to fit your IT environment. Together we create a concrete roadmap for successful implementation and digital transformation. We provide expertise in architecture, automation, policy making, cost management and security so you can get the most out of your integrations and integration platform.

Embed and Retain

SPECTR Integration ensures that your organization is ready for tomorrow’s digital world. We share our integration knowledge within your organization and provide capture so you can continue to reap the benefits. We implement robust tools and Continous-Integration-Continuous-Deployment (CI/CD) to increase manageability. This promotes Self-Service, increasing efficiency and flexibility, while we optimize onboarding processes for faster response to changing needs and new opportunities.

Together we are in control

SPECTR Integration develops and builds fast and effective integration solutions for medium to large enterprises. We make transparent what happens to your data in an understandable language, so you always know what it means for your business process. SPECTR Integration follows the API First, Microservices First, Self-Service and Cloud First strategy. Together we take the lead in all integration issues, so you are always ready for tomorrow’s digital world.


Connecting people with tools

Our team of IT Professionals are qualified in leading-edge integration solutions, including state-of-the-art tools, architecture and techniques. Our expertise includes building:

  • API Hubs (e.g. API Management / API Gateways).
  • Event hubs (e.g. Complex Event Handling / messaging services)
  • Microservices

Meet SPECTR Integration

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