You’re going to make it even better

Professionals that want to make it

SPECTR provides unique opportunities for IT specialists. Feel free to join and help develop our unique learn, work and share philosophy. At SPECTR you’ll work for one of our inspiring clients, and we’ll invest in your furture as well. Next to this, we also provide the possibility to coach and guide others. Do you want to build the future together? Get in touch with us today.

Learning as a professional

SPECTR offers great prospects for all IT professionals and acts as a catalyst in your IT career. We’ll help you map out your learning pathway for the coming years. We look forward to continue building on this together. So, what’s your next step? Feel free to contact us at SPECTR, now!


Energizing yourself and others

At SPECTR we believe in the triangle of learning, working and sharing. Working together, we can develop your talents, innovate and realize our collective goals, whilst experiencing everything that makes digitization attractive and unique along the way. Through hands-on learning and working towards the future, you will discover exactly how far you can go.


At SPECTR, once you start learning, you’ll never stop developing. SPECTR's coaches and trainers will bring out the best in you.


Regardless of your speciality and role everyone is actively involved in one or more projects with SPECTR's clients.


Experienced IT specialists form the basis of SPECTR's coaching program and are able to hone your talents and help develop them further.

Your prospects as a professional 

SPECTR stands for fun, solidarity, integrity and growth. These building blocks help broaden prospects – both yours and ours – and stimulate further growth. SPECTR offers great terms of employment and a working environment designed to inspire. Making the most of the opportunities we provide is a platform for growth, for example, by gaining qualifications, work experience and through performance.


The professional with at least two years experience working in IT as a developer or organizer and who is motivated to focus on specialising.


This is an IT specialist with at least five years’ on-the-job experience. He or she has a clear specialization in a development or management position. This knowledge will be shared with professionals and help them through the learning pathway.


This is an experienced professional: an expert in their field. He or she excels in almost every way, providing inspiration and coaching to professionals and associates alike.

Making acquaintance with SPECTR?

Would you like to find out more about job vacancies? Or would you like an exploratory meeting to discuss the possibilities? Please contact us!